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Fund prices and performance

Fund prices & performance Fund prices

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Funds in focus

Fund name Info Price Info Change
Date Morningstar Rating™ InfoISIN Performance Date Performance
YTD (%)
1 YR (%)
3 YRS (%)
5 YRS (%)
Optimal Income Fund - USD A-H Acc 15.33 0.039
23.10.2017 5 Star Rating GB00B4WS3X34 20.10.2017 5.45 6.49 13.14 28.33
Global Emerging Markets Fund - USD A Acc 25.63 0.112
23.10.2017 2 Star Rating GB00B3FFY203 20.10.2017 21.71 16.81 9.67 11.91
Global Dividend Fund - USD A Acc 17.81 0.011
23.10.2017 2 Star Rating GB00B39R2V77 20.10.2017 13.7 17.55 17.2 40.12
Global Floating Rate High Yield Fund - USD A Acc 11.18 0.009
23.10.2017 3 Star Rating GB00BMP3S584 20.10.2017 4.09 6.85 11.42 -
All fund prices and performance

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