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Responsible investing

Responsible investing at M&G

Responsible investing at M&G
At M&G we are, first and foremost, stewards of our customers’ assets, and we take seriously the responsibilities that come with this role. Our responsible approach to investment management is long-term, and we encourage all our investment professionals to think creatively, act with conviction and work collaboratively to meet our customers’ changing needs.

Our approach
We encourage responsible practices in our investee companies through active engagement with company management, while using our votes to protect the interests of our customers as shareholders. Working closely with management of the companies in which we invest helps to ensure they are delivering the best possible long-term, risk-adjusted returns. This includes considering the environmental, social and governance (ESG) practices of those companies, where these issues can represent material long-term risks and opportunities.

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The value of the fund's assets will go down as well as up. This will cause the value of your investment to fall as well as rise and you may get back less than you originally invested.



Responsible Investing at M&G

ESG-brochure-asiaAt M&G our principles of investing for the long-term, responsible stewardship of our assets and active fund management have been the foundation of our approach throughout.

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Democratising sustainable investing

Democratising-Sustainable-InvestingSustainability has become a key item on the agenda of governments, institutions, corporates and private investors, large and small.

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ESG in global high yield and emerging market corporates

ESG insightThe HY and EM corporates asset classes are generally regarded as relatively high beta in nature. Any positive or negative ESG developments can have a significant impact on asset prices.

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What to look for when you are investing for impact

What-to-look-for-investing-impactBen Constable Maxwell, Head of Sustainable and Impact Investing and Craig Hart from King & Shaxson, an ethical discretionary fund manager, discuss the M&G Positive Impact Fund, the rise of impact investing and the various factors to take into account when investing for impact.

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Case studies

Our fund managers believe that the long-term success of companies is supported by effective investor stewardship and high standards of corporate governance. We believe that if a company is run well, it is more likely to be successful in the long term. Social and environmental issues can also have an important impact on company performance. Well-managed companies take these issues into consideration as part of their successful development.

We engage with investee companies, alongside the investment teams, on issues including board composition, strategy, culture, capital allocation, executive remuneration, mergers and acquisitions and social and environmental responsibility.

Gibson Energy – Strategy

GibsonWe believed that Gibson Energy was too diversified and, in our assessment, needed to undertake a strategic review and restructure its portfolio of assets by selling non-core businesses and becoming more focused on infrastructure.

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Unilever – Corporate structure

UnileverWe became concerned with consumer giant Unilever after the company announced its intention to move from a dual corporate structure to a single structure, based in the Netherlands.

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While M&G fund managers incorporate ESG considerations in their investment approaches, the following funds have adopted a more systematic approach to the integration of ESG.


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The information on this website is for Professional Investors only. Specifically, the information on these pages should not be used or relied upon by the public of Hong Kong or any other type of investor from any other jurisdiction.


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